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Smittybilt PST-01 Sure Step Black ABS Replacement Step Pad

Smittybilt PST-01 Sure Step Black ABS Replacement Step Pad

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Smittybilt PST-01 Sure Step Black ABS Replacement Step Pad

Over the last 3 years, Smittybilt has redesigned, upgraded, and improved every last nuance of each Smittybilt Sure Step application. All step pads are secured with five pins into a squashed step, which means no flimsy pad attachments and no exposed metal vulnerable to rust.

*Fits 2007-later Sure Step side steps
*Secured with five pins into a squashed step without flimsy pad attachments eliminating rust exposure.
*Sold as 1 Piece
*Black Finish

Fits all Smittybilt Sure Steps (with five mounting pegs):

DN280-S4B, DN280-S4S, DN270-S4B, DN270-S4S, DN250-S4B, DN250-S4S, DN260-S4B, DN260-S4S, DN240-S4B, DN240-S4S, DN240-54B, DN240-54S, DN230-S4B, DN230-S4S, FN1700-S4B, FN1700-S4S, FN1730-S4B, FN1730-S4S, FN1960-S4B, FN1960-S4S, FN1980-S4B, FN1980-S4S, FN1985-S4B, FN1985-S4S, FN1750-S4B, FN1750-S4S, FN1970-S4B, FN1970-S4S, FN1990-S4B, FN1990-S4S, FN1995-S4B, FN1995-S4S, FN1700-S4B, FN1700-S4S, FN1680-S4B, FN1680-S4S, FN1995-S4B, FN1995-S4S, FN1985-S4B, FN1985-S4S, TN1240-S4B, TN1240-S4S, TN1140-S4B, TN1140-S4S, TN1220-S4B, TN1220-S4S, TN1210-S4B, TN1210-S4S, TN1080-S4B, TN1080-S4S, TN1130-S4B, TN1130-S4S, TN1160-S4B, TN1160-S4S, TN1120-S2B, TN1120-S2S, TN1170-S4B, TN1170-S4S, TN1260-S4B, TN1260-S4S, TN1270-S4B, TN1270-S4S, NN1450-S4B, NN1450-S4S, NN1440-S4B, NN1440-S4S, JN420-S4B, JN420-S4S, JN40-S2B, JN40-S2S, JN40-S2T, JN48-S2B, JN48-S2S, JN48-S2T, JN49-S4B, JN49-S4S, JN49-S4T, JN460-S2B, JN460-S2S, JN460-S2T, JN44-S2B, JN44-S2S, JN44-S2T, JN47-S2B, JN47-S2S, JN47-S2T. Please note: some older steps that were manufactured before 2007 do not have five mounting pegs. 

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